Monday, 27 June 2011

Week Two: Dieting

Dieting sucks. Or rather I suck at dieting.  I have lost 1lb. Rubbish.  I could go for a wee and lose more. 

I've had a few slip ups in terms of food this week. The Indian takeaway on Saturday night was probably a mistake. But I ate less than I normally would and only had one glass of vino.

There is one massive plus and a sign that something must be working.  Trying on an ugly new swimsuit this morning, bought from Tesco with only swimming with the LO in mind, I noticed that the cellulite which I hate so much has drastically reduced.  Hooray! I'm putting it down to cutting out soft drinks. I’ve only had two diets cokes in the last two weeks, rather than one or maybe two every day.  I did a little skip around my bedroom.

Total weight loss so far 2.5lb. 

Update on the Clare Nasir Bootcamp DVD to follow.


  1. I am starting this week too Kate, what a thought. At least you are going in the right direction lol.