Monday, 27 June 2011

Week Two: Dieting

Dieting sucks. Or rather I suck at dieting.  I have lost 1lb. Rubbish.  I could go for a wee and lose more. 

I've had a few slip ups in terms of food this week. The Indian takeaway on Saturday night was probably a mistake. But I ate less than I normally would and only had one glass of vino.

There is one massive plus and a sign that something must be working.  Trying on an ugly new swimsuit this morning, bought from Tesco with only swimming with the LO in mind, I noticed that the cellulite which I hate so much has drastically reduced.  Hooray! I'm putting it down to cutting out soft drinks. I’ve only had two diets cokes in the last two weeks, rather than one or maybe two every day.  I did a little skip around my bedroom.

Total weight loss so far 2.5lb. 

Update on the Clare Nasir Bootcamp DVD to follow.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Week One: Dieting

This week I've lost 1.5lb.  Not a jump up and down amount but better than nothing.  I've been good, but I could've been better.  I've worked hard with the food side of things - it's the exercise quota where my efforts have been lacking.  I’ve found it hard to get out for a run, what with not being able to leave your child unattended! The OH is back on the road again for the next three weeks.

So, and I hate myself a little for doing this, I have ordered another workout DVD.  This time, and I hate myself even more for falling the obvious PR trickery, I have bought the former GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir's Boot Camp DVD. You remember the one, she was "accidently" pictured in lime green hot pants jiggling all over the shop.

I really mean business this week, I've even gone as far as to buy slim-line tonic! 1.5lb closer to getting into those jeans.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Goodbye Ass Hello Jeans

I have five...1-2-3-4-5 pairs of lovely expensive pre-pregnancy jeans in my wardrobe that I can no longer wear. Why?  Because my ass is getting far too big.  I REFUSE to buy new ones, it's the easy way out and I'll just end up feeling more miserable and mirror shy. 

I got on the scales this morning, I weigh 9.5 stone. I remember being told that I weighed this much at one of my midwife appointments, I nearly started crying.  The midwife told me not to be so silly, she weighed two of me and wasn't even pregnant. 

Weight is very personal, my little sisters have always been slimmer than me but weigh more. So to some 9.5 stone is nothing but to me it's where I have to draw the line.  My LO is nearly two and I need to shift these extra pounds, I can't blame her for them anymore.  I should say I have no ambitions to be a size six, a solid size 10 is fine with me.  I am struggling to get into a 12 at the moment.  

So every Monday until I can get back into those five pairs of jeans I will share my weight loss highs and lows.  I have zero willpower, so it may take a while.

Here is the plan:
  •  Commit to running at least three times a week
  •  Commit to doing my DVD workouts three times a week
  •  Follow a low GI food plan
  •  No finishing my LO's food (such a cliché)
  •  No more fizzy drinks (bye bye Irn Bru)
  •  I should say no booze...but I can't do that just yet
This morning, I went for a run and did three workouts from my 'Trouble Zone' DVD. For breakfast I had low fat yoghurt with raspberries and oats.  Let's see how long it last.  If anyone has any workout DVD suggestions please do let me know, the woman in mine is obsessed with tank tops, apparently if I work hard I'll be able to wear one all year round!?

Goodbye ass, hello jeans.