Monday, 20 June 2011

Week One: Dieting

This week I've lost 1.5lb.  Not a jump up and down amount but better than nothing.  I've been good, but I could've been better.  I've worked hard with the food side of things - it's the exercise quota where my efforts have been lacking.  I’ve found it hard to get out for a run, what with not being able to leave your child unattended! The OH is back on the road again for the next three weeks.

So, and I hate myself a little for doing this, I have ordered another workout DVD.  This time, and I hate myself even more for falling the obvious PR trickery, I have bought the former GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir's Boot Camp DVD. You remember the one, she was "accidently" pictured in lime green hot pants jiggling all over the shop.

I really mean business this week, I've even gone as far as to buy slim-line tonic! 1.5lb closer to getting into those jeans.


  1. Congrats on the loss! And I'm truly anxious to hear how that DVD goes. Does sitting in front of the tv looking horrified burn calories? Cuz that would be me!

  2. Well done! I too would be interested to hear how the DVD goes. The last one I bought years ago was the Geri Halliwell Yoga one, and she (and her dog!) annoyed me so much, I never did it again! Emma :)