Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fear of Flying

We are moving 432.2 miles, so far I have packed 35 boxes and still have more to go. Today I spent £61 on keys for our new tenants and nearly £40 on pointless party bag nonsense for Holly’s leaving party at nursery.  But the thing praying on my mind is not the move, not the packing, not the ever increasing random expenses associated with moving and letting – the thing that I fear the most is the one hour flight to Edinburgh. 
We are flying out of London City which I have always found to be business, not baby friendly.  Lots of people in suits looking at you and wishing you weren’t there. That said, I have always found the ground staff (not to be confused with the security staff) at City Airport to be really helpful and very aware of how tricky it can be to carry/control a toddler, change bag and buggy.  

Holly and I have done lots of flying, both short and long haul, but I always dread it.  I find getting through security alone with a toddler traumatic – every airport seems to have different rules regarding liquids, and I must look pretty suspect as our change bag is always swabbed for explosives. 

Our last flight up to Scotland, about three weeks ago, was memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Holly succumbed to a tummy bug resulting in a leaking nappy just before take-off (no spare clothes to hand) and projectile vomiting during take-off.   We both smelled delightful!

My plan of attack for Thursday includes:
  • ·         Stickers – plenty of  them
  • ·         Crayons/paper
  • ·         Play Doh
  • ·         Grapes
  • ·         Little box of cereal
  • ·         Bag of Pom-Bear crisps
  • ·         Little make-up bag packed with random surprises
  • ·         2 x bottles of milk (naughty but worth it)
  • ·         One new book
  • ·         iPhone loaded with DuckDuckMoose apps
It’s only an hour, how bad can it be?  If anyone has any toddler travel tips please do let me know!

Monday, 14 March 2011

In the Beginning

My name is Kate. I’m a 31 year old mother of one - Holly Sofia, 17 months.  My significant other is Paul.  We have been together for 13 years and deal with the challenges of him being a tour manager in the music business on a daily basis - long trips abroad, unsociable hours and an ever changing schedule. 

When we decided to become three we talked long and hard about how difficult it might be for us, but in reality nothing prepared us for exactly how hard it would be sometimes. 

We have lived in Stoke Newington, Hackney for over four years and we love it. Love the area, love the people and love the facilities for babies/toddlers....but we have limited support and at the end of last year I decided that something had to give. I needed some help, I needed a break sometimes, I needed company - I needed to be near some family.

It was decided that we would move back to Scotland to be near Paul's parents, his brother and the lovely Giselle and their son Andres. 

It has been a very hard decision, we are leaving behind some very close friends, our flat and the life that we have built for ourselves. Minds have been changed and I have dragged my heels about making things happen.  But here we are, on Thursday the 17th March we are leaving Kyverdale Road, N16 behind and heading up to Dollar in Scotland to start over.  I am excited but scared, happy but at the same time sad. 

I have decided to start blogging as a means of making sense of the changes and challenges ahead. I will be looking to make new friends for both Holly and myself, find a new job in PR and settle the family into a new way of life. You are welcome to come along for the ride.